Large Models

Decoding Compressed Trust: Scrutinizing the Trustworthiness of Efficient LLMs Under Compression

A comprehensive trustworthiness assessment of compressed LLMs.

A-CONECT: Designing AI-based Conversational Chatbot for Early Dementia Intervention

We develop a chatbot for early dementia prevention and leverage LLMs to build digital twins to evaluate chatbots.

Revisiting Zeroth-Order Optimization for Memory-Efficient LLM Fine-Tuning: A Benchmark

Zeroth-order optimization for LLM.

Shake to Leak: Fine-tuning Diffusion Models Can Amplify the Generative Privacy Risk

We propose a new risk to published generative models that finetuning on generated samples can exacerbate the privacy leakage.

DP-OPT: Make Large Language Model Your Privacy-Preserving Prompt Engineer

We make local LLMs to engineer privacy-preserving prompts that are transferrable for cloud models.