Junyuan Hong

Junyuan Hong

CSE PhD Student

Michigan State University


I am currently a final-year Ph.D. student of Computer Science and Engineering at ILLIDAN Lab@Michigan State University (MSU), advised by Dr. Jiayu Zhou. Previously, I obtained my B.S. in Physics and M.S. in Computer Science at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Also, I am fortunate to work closely with Dr. Zhangyang Wang.

My research centers around privacy-preserving learning and expands to Inclusive and Trustworthy Machine Learning. I am interested in enhancing trustworthiness (regarding fairness, robustness and security) under the privacy constraint, e.g., federated learning and differentially-private learning.

I am on the job market! Please feel free to contact me and check my curricula vitae.


  • [March, 2022] We are going to organize a KDD workshop on federated learning for distributed data mining. More details are coming soon.
  • [Jan, 2023] Two papers got accepted to ICLR'23: OoD detection by FL (spotlight!), memory-efficient CTA.
  • [Sep, 2022] Our work on federated robustness sharing has been accepted to AAAI'23 (oral).
  • [Nov, 2022] Two papers got accepted to NeurIPS'22: outsourcing training, backdoor defense.
  • [May, 2022] Our work on connection-resilient FL got accepted to ICML'22.
  • Trustworthy Machine Learning
  • Privacy
  • Federated Learning
  • PhD in CSE, 2023 (expected)

    Michigan State University

  • MSc in Computer Science, 2018

    University of Science and Technology of China

  • BSc in Physics, minor in CS., 2015

    University of Science and Technology of China


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How Robust is Your Fairness? Evaluating and Sustaining Fairness under Unseen Distribution Shifts. TMLR, 2023.
A Privacy-Preserving Hybrid Federated Learning Framework for Financial Crime Detection. Preprint, 2023.
MECTA: Memory-Economic Continual Test-Time Model Adaptation. ICLR, 2023.
Turning the Curse of Heterogeneity in Federated Learning into a Blessing for Out-of-Distribution Detection. ICLR (spotlight), 2023.
Federated Robustness Propagation: Sharing Adversarial Robustness in Federated Learning. AAAI (oral), 2023.
Precautionary Unfairness in Self-Supervised Contrastive Pre-training. Preprint, 2022.
Trap and Replace: Defending Backdoor Attacks by Trapping Them into an Easy-to-Replace Subnetwork. NeurIPS, 2022.
Resilient and Communication Efficient Learning for Heterogeneous Federated Systems. ICML, 2022.
Federated Adversarial Debiasing for Fair and Trasnferable Representations. KDD (Oral), 2021.

Professional Activities



  • ‘Split-Mix Federated Learning for Model Customization’ @ TrustML Young Scientist Seminars, July, 2022: [link] [video]
  • Federated Adversarial Debiasing for Fair and Transferable Representations, @ CSE Graduate Seminar, Michigan State University, October, 2021: [slides]
  • ‘Dynamic Policies on Differential Private Learning’ @ VITA Seminars, UT Austin, Sep, 2020: [slides]

Teaching Assistant

  • CSE 847: Machine Learning, 2021
  • CSE 404: Introduction to Machine Learning, 2020


  • Dissertation Completion Fellowship, MSU, 2023
  • Carl V. Page Memorial Graduate Fellowship, MSU, 2021
  • Student Travel Award, KDD, 2018
  • Outstanding Freshman Scholarship, USTC, 2015


  • External Reviewer: ICML2023, KDD2023, ICLR2023, NeurIPS2022, ICML2022, KDD2022, WSDM2022, AISTATS2022, AAAI2022, AAAI2021, IJCAI2019, NeuroComputing, TKDD
  • Volunteer: Volunteer in KDD2018, KDD2021